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Portfolios as Metaphors
Why document at all? What is the purpose of collecting student work samples, lesson plans, reflections, films of your students? This site is a great starting point for thinking through the process. It is specific to electronic digital portfolios- the process of collecting, sorting, designing and displaying the results of your labors. How do you choose from the artifacts you have assembled? Much like making a scrapbook- it starts with a plan. This site talks about ways to begin that plan that might inspire your design.

Documentation Examples

Examples of documentation including quantitative and qualitative data:

Examples of documentation from the Teachers Learning Network which utilize a standardized format of reporting that adopts a formal tone to add to rigor. Includes a summary of the teacher's findings and recommendations for change.

A Collaborative Inquiry Group and a Professional Learning Community uses a wiki for documentation of their learning process
highlights: documents the process with teaching tools and individual wiki pages
highlights: pay attention to how the group process is laid out

On line action research- documentation and data review.

Online collaborative group which uses coaching in an action research format. Of note is their use of videotaped lessons for comment and collaboration.

Miscellaneous Examples of Documentation using a case study or journal format:

Youth Learn Program Documentation
highlights: various after school projects document their work

University of Manchester Research Study
highlights: case studies and descriptions of the kinds of documentation and artifacts collected by the University of Manchester during their 3 ½ year study of the effectiveness of Museum Theatre as an educational strategy. Also links to their full research report:
Seeing it for Real: an investigation into the effectiveness of theatre and theatre techniques in museums

American Association of School Librarians qualitative research documentation sample
highlights: a detailed sample of rigorous data collection and documentation as part of a study of the impact of student use of graphic organizers on student learning and research

More great documentation examples:
anecdotal record keeping – best practice
digital portfolios to record professional development
teacher journals using online tools
blog used as advocacy, documentation, parent communication and classroom tool
Karl Gude’s teaching wiki – excellent use of tech tools for teaching and documenting student learning

Tips and Tools
Overview of action research cycle with a case study example.
Overview of qualitative research and documentation
Good suggestions for rigor in interviewing techniques
Suggestions and links for rigor in creating survey questions.
“Wait Just a Minute” Veracity Test Template, a tool for documenting, reflecting and refining a line of inquiry;col1
good discussion of the role of journaling in professional learning communities with references to research cited - EXCELLENT
discussion of the process of development of electronic portfolios for teaching including rubric suggestions for scoring
huge set of links to articles (scholarly and otherwise) about creating digital teaching portfolios


Qualatative Research Links
defining qualitative research – commercial site selling software
Qualitative research clearinghouse – a site at the University of Michigan
free resources for evaluating qualitative research programs
what constitutes credible evidence in evaluation and applied research – video and video highlights of a full day symposium
research journal forum site discussing data evaluation and documentation
the “documentation” section in this article about publishing the results of action research has a nice over view of the types of documentation that work