During the final two meetings at Intermediate Unit One, Orange CIG members met and reflected on the school year. The process began during our meeting on April 30th. Together we took out our paper people created during our first session. The paper people exercise was a reflection exercise used by each teacher to examine their practice. After drawing a giant paper doll, each teacher chose illustrations cut from magazines or hand drawn illustrations that symboloized their challenges and their triumphs. Every teacher chose one or two symbols or parts from their original paper person to create one combined paper person that symbolized the entire group and our work this semester. Each group member talks about their piece of the group paper person on our home page.

The afternoon of our final time together on May 14th, each member of the group looked back and considered the process to create a documentation of our reflection. In the reflection below Jackie introduces our work by talking about her portion of the group paper person, then each of the other members of our group join in the reflection process using the following questions. We have shared the results on a voice thread, embedded just below the questions.

The Questions

What parts of this year felt rewarding?

Which aspects of the inquiry process felt problematic?

Describe an experience within our CIG that helped you feel comfortable working within our group.

Has your being a part of a collaborative inquiry group impacted your students? Please explain.

If you were to repeat this process and revise it, what would you change?

Is there anything you want to tell the group that you haven't had an opportunity to share?

The Responses:

Orange CIG Final Reflection Questions from Cory Wilkerson on Vimeo.