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GREAT site for hints about iPads:
Check out these external DVD burners:,2817,1983146,00.asp
Independent learning:
cool film of drama in the classroom - using drama to engage and create independent learners:
Mantle of the Expert- drama strategies for Independent Learning

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experience regardless of any one individual's learning styles. ... Bachelor of Arts, Fine Arts, History of Art University of Rochester, Rochester, New York ... Using Art to Connect and Engage Students in a Variety of Learning Environments ... My students had diverse backgrounds but shared one experience: failure in ... - Cached - Similar
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Each school should have programs to engage students from diverse backgrounds. ... technology education), fine arts, performing arts, ... Create time and spaces
TA Conference on Teaching and **Learning**
Assessing Student Work. Assessing Student Work in the Fine Arts ... Effective Teaching. Activities to Engage Your Students in Learning ... Including All Students: Teaching in the Diverse Classroom ..... student expectations, and working with students
Journey to Excellence: Integrating Diversity
It is generally accepted that some teaching methods more actively engage and support

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American Art Therapy Association
American Music Therapy Association
National Association for Drama Therapy
August Boal - Drama Therapy - Rainbow of Desire Techniques

Cathy Hahn, art therapy program director

Links to Art Therapy texts:

Backchanneling in the Classroom