This GPDP describes the inquiry process of the Orange Collaborative Inquiry Group. The purpose of this Group Professional Development Plan is to construct professional development goals for the Arts Educator 2.0 Project Orange Collaborative Inquiry Group.

Goal: To research varied techniques that will increase student engagement within the classroom and therefore increase student achievement and learning. This goal will be met through applied action research techniques in our various classrooms.

In order to meet this goal, the following steps will be taken:

  • Each teacher will conduct independent research to identify strategies to engage their student population.
  • Each teacher will conduct action research in their own classroom- testing each strategy identified and recording the results.
  • Each teacher will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each strategy tried and then share these results with the larger group
  • Collectively the group will evaluate all data and strategies used and compile the results to to showcase their findings using web based tools.

Progress will be documented in the following ways:

  • Each teacher will complete a CIG progress tracking form online after every full group meeting
  • Each teacher will document the implementation of each strategy using some of the following: journal entries, reflections, sample lesson plans and/or video or audio recordings.
  • Each teacher will collect quantitative data using some of the following: student surveys, student test scores.
  • Each teacher will contribute to a final on-line reflection and documentation of the group's work

Progress will be assessed in the following ways:

  • Each teacher's progress will be consistently observed by the group facilitator through on-site visits, virtual and face to face meetings, various forms of communication, and online documentation of hours
  • The ArtsEducator 2.0 steering committee will deem group progress adequate after viewing the group's final on line documentation, consultation with the group facilitator and review of hours documentation and CIG progress tracking input.