Welcome to the Creative Arts Collaboration 2009-10

This is the wiki home of a collaborative inquiry group engaged in teacher action research during the school year 2009-2010. Each teacher pursued an individual line of inquiry under an umbrella question, then results were compiled and documented here. The diagram below illustrates our inquiry and the various threads. Click on a teacher's name at the left to explore student work samples, data, archival files and more.

How do we better engage students of diverse backgrounds and learning styles?

Diane Ader - Joe Andria - Jackie Cavey Schultz
Jessica Higbee - Lorraine Kelly - Tracey Gilpin
Cory Wilkerson, Facilitator

We would like to welcome all viewers to our Creative Arts Collaboration team. Because of our experience with the process of fine arts, we strive to understand the potential of the arts to express and make sense of the student’s inner world. We recognize that this potential can be harnessed to bring positive changes to neighborhoods, inner cities, schools, and communities. Therefore, our team is focusing on reaching and enriching the lives of a diverse population to enable them to become independent learners using / implementing strategies that will encompass our group as individuals as well as a strong united team. We will share our individual ideas via e-mail, face to face, and Skype. Our documentation will be a work in progress that will allow it to grow & change. Positive feedback will be given to enrich our professional knowledge and growth.”

Our team has adopted the following 2 *GPRA measures as overarching goals to guide us in our work. The Orange Collaborative Inquiry Group inquiry work is intended to improve the:

Percentage of teachers who receive professional development that is sustained and intensive.
Percentage of teachers who demonstrate the ability to teach standards based arts education.

  • What is GPRA?
The Government Performance and Results Act of 1993 (GPRA) is a straightforward statute that requires all Federal agencies to manage their activities with attention to the consequences of those activities. Each agency is to clearly state what it intends to accomplish, identify the resources required, and periodically report its progress to the Congress. In so doing, it is expected that the GPRA will contribute to improvements in accountability for the expenditures of public funds, improve congressional decision-making through more objective information on the effectiveness of Federal programs, and promote a new government focus on results, service delivery, and customer satisfaction. - US Department of Education

Group reflection Part 1 from Lorraine Kelly on Vimeo.

Part 2 Orange reflection from Lorraine Kelly on Vimeo.

Tableaux photos of the orange cig Before the inquiry and After the inquiry:

Before Collaborative Inquiry

After Collaborative Inquiry